OTC 2018

Planning on going to OTC 2018 in Houston, Texas? Stop by our booth #271. We will be ready to discuss all of your level instrumentation and filtration requirements!  Dates of the conference run from April 30th to May 3rd. Check out some of our featured products below that will be at OTC this year.


The Magnet Matters™

The Magnicator Gage is connected to a process vessel.  The chamber, or “column”, contains a sealed float with a permanent magnet assembly which rises and falls as the liquid level changes in the process vessel.  The permanent magnet assembly in the float is magnetically coupled to an indicator, which is mounted externally to the gage column but completely isolated from the process liquid.  Indicator flags are rotated by the float magnet assembly as it moves up and down in the chamber providing highly visible indication of where the level is inside of the vessel. Click here to learn more about Jerguson® Magnicator® Magnetic Level Gages.




Why a Jerguson® Flat Glass Gage is Your Best Choice

Jerguson Flat Glass Gages are simple, rugged instruments engineered and built to give you accurate liquid level readings for the life of the vessel. The gages’ special features make them safer, easier to service, and allow them to be re-machined to extend their life.

• Recessed gasket surface: easier servicing, safer, re-machinable
• Shrouded Carbon Steel covers to protect glass are standard
• Can be fitted with the first explosion-proof White LED Illuminator on the market, the LumaStar
• Safe View™ Safety Shield for Extra Protection
• All Materials are Listed in ASME or ASTM

Click here to learn more about Jerguson® Level Gages.




Multi Cyclone Separators

ANDERSON’s Muti Cyclone Scrubber is an attractive alternative to our Hi-eF type centrifugal separators.

• High-efficiency separation of entrained solid particulate

• 100% removal of 8-micron size liquid particles & larger

• 100% removal of 5-micron size solid particles & larger

• Capacity to handle heavy solid loadings or liquid slugging

• Vertical or Horizontal designs available

• Self-cleaning, low maintenance requirements

The success of the Anderson Multi-Cyclone Separator lies within the principals of physics: Centrifugal force, impingement, and gravity. The construction of the AMCS employs each of these principles through the use of carefully designed stages of separation regions. Click here to learn more about Anderson® – Multi-Cyclone Separators.

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