Jerguson® JMS Series 2 Wire 24V Loop Powered Ultrasonic Level Switches & Transmitters

Jerguson® products are also available under the Magne-Sonics® brand as required based on approved vendor specifications.



• 2 Wire 24Vdc loop powered
• Operating ranges up to 36 Ft.
• Measures liquid height, distance to liquid, contents or flow in open channels
• Simple push button calibration
• Built-in LCD display
• Automatic temperature compensation


Ultrasonic pulses transmitted from the transmitters face are reflected from the surface of the liquid and are received back by the same transmitter.  Measurement of the time delay between the transmit and receive signals enables the microprocessor controlled electronics to calculate distance to the liquid level.
Once the transmitter is programmed with bottom reference of the application – usually the bottom of the tank – the liquid depth is calculated.  The microprocessor controls the loop current to give a 4-20mA output signal proportional to the level, with the liquid level reading also available on LCD display inside the enclosure.  All transmitters have integral temperature compensation to maintain accuracy across the operating temperature range.