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Improve Vessel Operator Safety and
Reduce Confined Space Entry

The Problem:
Coalescing vessel design requires the filter element to terminate well below the outlet of the vessel.  Operators are required bodily entry into the vessel to change out the coalescing elements. Vessel entry creates additional safety concerns, and permit- required confined space.

The Safer Solution: VertexCore™ Filter Elements
We have developed an element mounting that positions the element hold-down nuts at the vessel opening. The extensions allow operators to change elements without climbing into the vessel.   A vessel utilizing our mounting does not require confined space permit. 
• Easy to retrofit existing vessels
• Coalescing elements hold-downs terminate at the vessel opening; allowing easy access.
• Extensions allow element removal without operators climbing into the vessel.
• Increased operator safety with improved ergonomics.

Date & Time:  June 13, 2019 at 10:00am EST

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